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Features, Benefits, and Pricing


  • Coaching session ahead of time to help you identify and prepare key points.
  • Includes live interview with person and your location.
  • Edited video of interview with cuts to either interview with other people video of special events, and scanned photos representing different points and accomplishment in the person's life.
  • Professionally edited
  • All videos range 30-60 minutes.

Who Benefits

  • You get to tell your story with your own words and share it with your family.
  • Your parents will appreciate the opportunity to tell their story.
  • Your kids and grand kids will receive the wisdom of your life experience and have a living record for the future when they are ready.
  • Share the memories with your family and friends.


We have three basic packages

All packages include 25-50 photos digitally scanned and appropriately inserted and music.

Deluxe Includes multiple interviews and portions of a special event. $1699+
Standard Includes interview at one or two locations, Interviews with additional people. $1199
Simple Includes interview at one location $799
Tribute Video 25-50 photos scanned and set to music. No interviews. This is a flowing acount of still footage, or existing footage. Tiem 5-20 minutes. $399

DVD Copies are extra.

* HD $499-$999 extra.
* Transfer of existing film or video footage may involve additional costs.
* Price subject to change and with extenuating circumstances to be defined ahead of time.


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