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How We Work

We are process oriented to create a quality video for you to share with your loved ones.

Good planning leaders to a better product and helps to keep cost down.

First is a series of interviews where we research and your story and help you to focus on what you want to say. This preparatory interviews prepares you for the fiilming. Next, we go to your location and videotape you in a more formal interview.

The process focuses on the following list of steps.

  • Determine needs
  • Plan project
  • Gather assets (extra photos and music)
  • Prepare for the on camera interview (click on this list of questions as a guide)
  • Edit – video tape and stills photographs.
  • Draft approval
  • Optimize and finalize video
  • Deliver 3 DVDs
  • Duplicate additional items if requested.

On the day of thefilming, we suggest that you wear something comforatabel and appropriate. Wew may ring in some lights, cameras, and assitantes to aid in settignup and filiming. Set up time averages about 30 minutes and is unique for each situation.


This is our starting template to gather information abotu you before we the video shoot. - Questionnaire


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